C3: Consciousness, Communication, and Change

You are passionate about making a change in this world. You strive to inform, to educate, to inspire.

And yet, you find that your perfectly crafted message of transformation is met with resistance. Why?

As changemakers, too often we trip over our message — unintentionally employing counterproductive methods that cause our audience to resist, rather than welcome, new perspectives. Powerful findings from the science of how people change—and why they don’t—have not yet made it to the front lines of therapists, activists, policymakers, and others fighting the good fight. Until now…

Consciousness, Communication, and Change (C3)

Become a more skillful, engaging, and effective communicator!

The Consciousness, Communication, and Change workshop brings together the findings of social, cognitive, neuro, worldview, and behavior change research, and unites them with wisdom practices from the world’s spiritual traditions. These workshops provide a set of skills and practices that you can immediately apply to boost your effectiveness in advocating for a better world.

This significant research — translated into tools and techniques — can assist changemakers to not only inform and educate people, but to create messages that enroll people in new visions that are inspiring, compelling, engaging, and effective. If part of your job or your life’s purpose is to change how people think and behave, this workshop is for you!

What C3 Participants Are Saying

“In a word, it was simply ‘AWESOME!’ I know all in attendance captured new Aaaah-Hah moments, profound insights, and a model for change to share for a better world.”

J. L.

Nonprofit Organization Management

“This workshop is for anyone looking to experience a change in themselves or for communicating the passion for change in their area of interest. Great Course.”

I. N.

Outreach Director

“I would highly recommend this workshop to all who seek to improve the quality of our world. Cassi’s calm, thoughtful and articulate delivery along with her genuine presence personifies the type of leader she is teaching us to be. Well done.”

J. D.

Coach and Entrepreneur

New Workshops for the New Year!

In these groundbreaking, experiential workshops, you will explore how the latest research findings in social, cognitive and brain science, along with worldview and behavior change research, intersect with timeless wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions to reveal the dynamic forces driving human thought and behavior.

February 19 – March 26, 2019

Six live interactive “Master Class” sessions plus weekly video Lectures and 24/7 access to the discussion forum. This is currently our only online C3 workshop featuring master class sessions with Dr. Vieten scheduled for 2019.

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April 4-5, 2019

Through a seamless interplay of instruction and guided exercises, you will learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to craft clear, concise and compelling messages that enroll your audience in a powerful new vision of the future.

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