2019 IONS Conference – Frederick Tsao

Frederick Tsao

Businessman and Social Entrepreneur

Frederick Tsao has been the Chairman of IMC Pan Asian Alliance Group since 1995. At the helm of a fourth generation family business, Mr. Tsao has long pondered on the role business plays in society and the significance of its existence. In his view, if we see economics as the actions to meet desires, then economics and consequently business (as main protagonist of commercial economics) is an integral part of society. Mr. Tsao concluded that the role of business in society is to “serve human well-being and create wealth at the same time.”

However, Mr. Tsao sees a systemic misalignment between business and societal needs. Harmony demand for a new worldview where there is common purpose for collaboration. He firmly believes that leadership needs to change significantly in search of the same. The new worldview should be founded on fundamentals of a meeting between esoteric wisdom and modern science. Tradition and cultural values need to be carefully integrated with social developments where new science of consciousness is meeting the esoteric values in pursuit of sustainability and harmony.

With these guiding principles, Mr. Tsao founded The East West Cultural Development Centre in 1995, a non-profit organization aimed at building more harmonious relationships in a rapidly globalized world. The Centre aims to provide an integrated platform for dialogue, research, design and prototyping models towards creation and building of harmonious societies through learning.

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