Future of Meditation Research

Future of Meditation Research

Webinar Series

The field of meditation research has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade, with published scientific articles exponentially increasing. Many aspects of meditation remain off-limits for scientists who wish to be taken seriously, and yet the far reaches of meditative practice (such as experiences of oneness and interconnectedness; samadhis and siddhis; shakti and kundalini energies; karma, past-life recall and reincarnation experiences; visions, synchronicities, precognition, extra-sensory perception; experiences of God, deities, and other non-physical entities) are precisely those topics that make the study of meditation so important for better understanding human potential and the nature of reality.

Our upcoming Future of Meditation Research webinar series is part of a larger initiative, designed to provide suggestions for future directions, with accompanying online materials to encourage such research. These webinars will consist of recorded presentations from leading meditation researchers, and will teach and train learners to conduct meditation research within the expanded set of domains, concepts, and protocols.

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