In-Person Workshops

C3: Consciousness, Communication and Change

The C3 Workshop brings together the best social, cognitive, neuroscience and the science of worldview and behavior change, with wisdom practices from the world’s spiritual traditions, to create a set of skills and practices that change agents can immediately apply to their strategies to boost their effectiveness in advocating to create a better world for all. If part of your job, or your life’s purpose, is to make change in how people think and behave, this workshop is for you!


Conscious Aging Personal Enrichment Workshop

As we become elders, life circumstances shift in ways we could not have anticipated, the responses and expectations of people in our lives may not match our self-perception, and experiences that were once comfortable can now be unsettling or difficult. The IONS Conscious Aging Personal Enrichment Workshop offers participants the opportunity to lean into this phase of life by providing tools to address challenges and experiences and to reveal the opportunities found in the later years. This powerful workshop provides the space and the opportunity for you to explore your potential for growth, sense of purpose, service and fulfillment in life’s later chapters.


Noetic Leadership Intensive Workshop

Organized around the “Three I’s” — Inner-Knowing, Interconnection, and Integrity — this intensive Noetic Leadership Workshop provides a highly interactive and stimulating learning experience for leaders across a wide range of private and public sectors. The course material is personally delivered by IONS CEO Claire Lachance, who grounds the core concepts in over 40 years of IONS’ scientific research and related principles from the world’s wisdom traditions.