Conscious Aging

Conscious Aging Workshops

Recognizing the third phase of life is a unique opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has developed a program for seniors ready to embrace this phase of their journey, and for those who work with seniors in their community or professional life.

Facilitator Core Certification Training

An online program provides facilitators with all the resources they need to market, setup and conduct the Conscious Aging workshop series in their local community. Successful completion results in becoming an IONS Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator.


Conscious Aging Personal Enrichment Workshop

As we move into our later years, life circumstances shift in ways we could not have anticipated. The IONS Conscious Aging Personal Enrichment Workshop offers participants the opportunity to lean into this phase of life by providing tools to address challenges and experiences, and to reveal the opportunities found in the later years. This powerful workshop provides the space and the opportunity for you to explore your potential for growth, sense of purpose, service and fulfillment in the later chapters of life.