Noetic Leadership Intensive Workshop

Noetic Leadership Intensive Workshop

June 20-24, 2018

Villa Zuccari
Montefalco, Italy

Four-day continuing education workshop in Montefalco, Italy (a partnership with Pronto Seminars).

Organized around the “Three I’s” of Inner-Knowing, Interconnection, and Integrity, the intensive Noetic Leadership Workshop provides a highly interactive and stimulating learning experience for leaders across a wide range of private and public sectors. The course material is personally delivered by Claire Lachance, who grounds the core concepts in over 40 years of IONS’ scientific research and related principles from the world’s wisdom traditions.



Claire Lachance received her MBA from Harvard Business School and held executive positions at Pacific Bell and MetLife. Prior to joining IONS, Claire delivered comprehensive management consulting, capacity building, and coaching services to hundreds of organizations, social entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. In her new role as CEO, Claire is committed to advancing the integration of noetic wisdom into business and professional life.