C3 for Invest In Yourself




Consciousness, Communication, and Change

Too often change agents, politicians, activists, leaders of NGOs, and policy makers unintentionally employ methods that are actually counterproductive to what they are trying to achieve. Not only that, people who are working to make change in themselves, their families, or their clients or patients often feel flummoxed by the resistance they encounter. The science of how people change and why they don’t – what really transforms people’s worldviews – has not made it to the front lines to the people who can use it. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of science that can be translated to help people fight the good fight. Both how the message is conveyed, and the presence or state of mind of the person conveying the message, are key.

The C3 Workshop brings together the best social, cognitive, neuroscience and the science of worldview and behavior change, with wisdom practices from the world’s spiritual traditions, to create a set of skills and practices that change agents can immediately apply to their strategies to boost their effectiveness in advocating to create a better world for all. If part of your job, or your life’s purpose, is to make change in how people think and behave, this workshop is for you!

It is more important than ever now that changemakers are equipped with both science- and wisdom-based tools for not only informing and educating people, but creating visionary messages that enroll people in new visions for alternative futures that are inspiring, compelling, engaging, and effective. The culmination of a collaborative project between scientists, communication and media experts, designers and social media experts, this workshop brings together the best practices for making the presentations, collateral materials, and strategies who are working toward a more just and sustainable world.

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