The Power of the Mind

December 7-9, 2018

We are happy to announce the IONS 3rd annual Hackation — a combination of a hackathon and a vacation. We started these a couple years ago as an enjoyable avenue to hack away at interesting problems and have fun while doing it.

As part of the IONS NextGen initiative, the Hackation is designed to address two practical challenges faced by scientific research on parapsychological phenomena: 1) the small effect sizes typically observed in laboratory studies, and 2) the large sample sizes required to reliably detect those effects. With the popularity of big data science and artificial intelligence, surely the extensive brain power in the San Francisco Bay Area would be put to good use on that incredible resource!

If you are interested in psi phenomena and want to have fun getting your hands dirty processing some of the most amazing psi databases on Earth, and at the same time enjoy massages, mediumship readings, time in our hot tub, fantastic food, a rural mountaintop setting — and all of this for free — then this event is for you! Please visit our Hackation page to sign up.

Hack with us! Click for more HACKATION info.