Virtual Gatherings

Noetic Global Gatherings

Noetic Global Gatherings are a series of free online webinars and discussion groups for Community Group participants, and noetic seekers worldwide! These live online gatherings take place every-other month and feature presentations about cutting-edge noetic research and transformative education from our scientists, educators, and partners! At the conclusion of each presentation and Q&A, attendees will have an opportunity to break into small discussion groups with noetic explorers from around the world to share their own perspective and hear from others!


Consciousness for the Next Generation

Are you a young person interested in a career in the field of consciousness studies? Do you want exclusive insight from experts and the latest in research? Join this free course featuring 10 one-hour video presentations and Q&As from top scientists and leaders within the field of consciousness research, education, and application.


Future of Meditation Research

Our upcoming Future of Meditation Research online course is part of a larger initiative designed to provide suggestions for future directions, with accompanying online materials to encourage such research papers. This course will consist of recorded lectures from leading meditation researchers, and will teach and train learners to conduct meditation research within the expanded set of domains, concepts, and protocols.

Future of Meditation Research Image